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Friday, 20 Apr 2018


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Mixed Blood: a globalization of genes

author CYJO

// date 22/07/2014 - 18:05


The James family are American nationals and indigenous, Chinese, Dutch, English, Filipine, German, Irish and Japonese ancestry . The Snodgrass family have American and Chinese nationality and German, Chinese and Irish ancestry. Mixed Blood shows that globalisation is not just economical: it brought about cultural changes in ethnic groups and people in general. CYJO, who is an American artist of Korean ethnicity, went in search of families that showed this mix of countries. From 2010 to 2013, both in New York and Beijing, CYJO explored the uniqueness of each individual within the families. The plan for Mixed Blood was to place individuals next to each other standing separately (with the exceptions of mothers with babies), which enabled the clear observation of the individual identities within the heart of the family.’ the photographer explained to Slate. The portraits and the narratives that accompany them aim to show the relationships that each different member has with his/her origins, cultural context and citizenship. Mixed Blood launched as a traveling exhibition in China at the Today Art Museum and is opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu on the 25th July 2014. The traveling exhibition is sponsored by the US Embassy and its consulates in China, curated by Nik Apostolides and designed by Timothy Archambault.

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